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Pilates is a method of exercise that emphasizes the balance of strength, stretch, and control in the entire body. 


The strongest muscles in the body are in "the girdle" around the middle. All strength and movement originates here. A well-balanced Pilates workout uses all the muscles in the girdle including the abdominals, back and sides of the body. When balanced strength and flexibility is returned to the girdle, a feeling of freedom and well being results.


Pilates is good for anyone who is interested in improving his or her fitness, posture, coordination, balance, freedom of movement and overall wellbeing.


The equipment was developed to help people gain strength and flexibility for the mat work. Doing the mat properly is extremely difficult and takes a strong, well developed body. The various apparatus that Joe invented help to target specific areas that need strengthening or more freedom. Each piece of equipment supports the other and teaches the body the principles of Pilates in different ways.   

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