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...From Lynda Lillywhite:

Ten months ago I started doing Pilates under the excellent tutelage of Ann Dam-Johnson.  I had never tried Pilates before and at first was a bit intimidated by the idea of all the machines and thoughts of strange positions I wouldn't be able to do.  However, Ann's gentle way of listening to my concerns and adjusting exercises to fit my level of strength and flexibility worked wonders.


When I started working with Ann I was starting to experience pain and limitation of movement from arthritis in my shoulders to the extent that it was painful getting dressed.  I am happy to say that now that pain is 95% gone.  In addition, my legs are stronger, I feel a greater sense of balance, and my awareness of my body posture and core strength are greatly heightened.


Thank you Ann! You're the best!!!





...From Sandy Madigan:

It is such a wonder at how fast age can take over if one is not attentive to the body’s needs. I deeply appreciate Ann's work within my capabilities, and how she takes it slow when I can only go so far… she is such a gifted instructor!


I see having the combination of yoga and Pilates available in The Backroom Studio as unique. Learning yoga is one of my goals, though I am still very much a novice, and I can’t really call myself a practitioner. 


Pilates made me realize (at age 69!) that I had to adopt a routine for fitness, even if I couldn’t do everything in the classes, especially since I had become less active overall since “retirement”.


Forever grateful to you, Ann!





...From J. Latini:

My body has suffered much abuse in my adult life, including a journey to obesity and back.  I have conquered unhealthy habits that were toxic to my very being. 



Ann's classwork in yoga, Nia, and Pilates has made a tremendous difference in how I can steer not only my body, but my mind as well.  Pilates is the primary tool in my physical activity today in my effort to rehabiitate old and new injuries.  For example, the footwork on the reformer is helping my recovery from a bad ankle injury. 


I was always afraid to try Pilates because I was judging a book by its cover.  I'm sold on Pilates now, and I encourage anyone who has not tried to just jump in and give it a shot, because it is impossible to understand the depth of potential recovery until we just try!


Ann, my friend and leader, I am so grateful.


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