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A Word From Ann


Health care in general has been in my life for as long as I can remember.  I always wanted to help animals and humans, and holistic medicine seeped into my life over the years.   After retiring from western medicine I began my journey of Movement.


My body has endured more trauma than I would wish on anyone whether it was horse related, car related, or life related.  If I only had two words to describe Pilates they are "Exercised Rolfing".   The exercises bring balance to the body.    My body has been a learning tool and will continue to be my vessel of knowledge till that point in which I cross over and no longer need it.


A Brief History of My Studies


My knowledge of western medical skills began in a veterinary office as an assistant, and I was a Pediatric Medical/Physicians Assistant for sixteen years.  


In March of 2005 I achieved my 200-hour yoga certification 


Nia came into my life in November 2005.  I began with white belt teacher training and studied until I received my black belt certification of instruction in August 2010.  

I am also certified to teach Nia 5 Stages.  Nia changed my life.  I taught Nia from January 2006 through May 2013.  


In January 2012 while teaching yoga and Nia in a Pilates center, I found what my body needed.  I started taking Pilates classes and knew right away this would be a new way of life for me.  I began to pursue my classical Pilates education, founded by Joseph H. Pilates, at The Pilates Institute of Boulder January 2013 with skilled and knowledgeable “second generation trainers.” I completed my training with a Comprhensive Pilates Cretificate in April 2014.

I continue my studies with them even after I graduated from the program; there is no end to growth and education.

I love working with clients who are excited to change and improve their minds and bodies!

Links For Reference

Here are a few links to refer to as you explore Pilates:


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